Kundakala Neo


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“As a starting point for the competition M1- D1 students were introduced to the Kundakala organisation and the wonderful work that they do for BAME women in London. We studied the beautiful Watercolours from the late Indian artist Kunda Kirloskar and students were asked to choose a woman that inspired them (this could be their mother, aunt, grandmother, friend, relation, teacher, historical figure, celebrity or imaginary fictional character). I asked the students to create a motif from nature that represented the person to incorporate into their neckerchiefs designs.

Through the exploration of free flowing illustrations and repetitive patterns students created their designs using a mixture of watercolour washes, wet on-wet, gradient, colour blending, laying and dry brush techniques. Overall, I was so impressed with all of the neckerchiefs designs. The artworks showed great creativity and imagination and the ability to use watercolour techniques to a very high standard.”

Ms Joe Ross
Teacher of Art, Dwight School London