A series of free virtual conversations, proceeds from which will go towards funding skills-based workshops for women run by Kundakala.

14th MARCH 2021

… delightful stories & photos from two gutsy, trendsetters; Sharda Ugra,one of India’s best sports journalists and Savita Kirloskar, a photo journalist.Stories from the 90s when the world was a nicer place, media was a respected word &Mumbai was a city that empowered women.

I think Savita and Sharda are perfect speakers for moving beyond gender barriers simply because they’re so truly bereft of any! The questions kept trying to pin them down to typical gender struggles, whereas I think in their minds they were never fighting that battle at all. To me, their freedom from any sort of conditioning, that too in the ’90s, is what’s phenomenal. Perhaps that speaks of their upbringing, perhaps of the times and the people around them.

Some very interesting anecdotes … I can imagine a very long evening passing with food and drinks with these two!!

What a super Sunday evening conversation on what journalism was like in the early 1990s in Mumbai with two wonderful ol’ colleagues who stubbornly refuse to be on social media #SavitaKirloskar & #ShardaUgra



28th MARCH 2021

…the session was full of energy and the speaker and host were Inspiring with a huge sprinkle of spunk!

It was awesome to hear from you, your work experience and the challenges you faced and overcame Aarti. A true learning for young women who aspire to follow in your footsteps.

The conversation with Aarti was very captivating. It was fascinating to hear her powerful insights into some of the male-dominated sectors she has worked in.

Interesting. Very few people arrive at where she is today. Well done

Enjoyed the discussion led by legendary Sharda Ugra. Thanks for the opportunity to talk about life, career, challenges and ambitions. Fab to have @neerubhatia3  join in as well. And all for a good cause – Kundakala (empowering women through art). More power to you – Aarti Singh Dabas 


11th APRIL 2021

Interesting call covering the complexity and challenges of countering both social and cultural conditioning.

Thank you. Such a vital conversation 

Samar and Adnan’s message is very clear: get more boys in the kitchen to break the patriarchial construct!

Adnan, Samar appreciate that candour

Thanks Adnan and Samar – enjoyed the great Sunday afternoon convo – both substance and froth!

Can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this. I have started my own recipe book recently & it struck me that it’s an act of love to pass down the generations. Even if it’s just full of things I’ve pulled out of magazines. My Arabic grandmother made incredible food & we don’t have one of her recipes. It’s a real missing link I regret that we never wrote them down. There is some link between food and memory I think… and personality. The essence of someone / a family.


8th AUGUST 2021

The conversation between Masoom and Anjali was fascinating. I am very happy to have joined this chat.

Masoom is right in saying that we need to normalise body types, skin colours and sexual orientation in dance.

Wow! Masoom is so knowledgeable. Thank you for doing this lovely venture

Both Masoom and Anjali are really smart and it was a pleasure listening to them talk about culture, dance and the human spirit.

Thank you to Masoom for giving us an insight into the male world of Indian dance. I was blown away when he said ‘culture is like a river’.oth Masoom and Anjali are really smart and it was a pleasure listening to them talk about culture, dance and the human spirit.