Kundakala Neo

We work with schools in the UK to run design contests for 11 to 16 year olds. The winning designs are then printed on to fabric and created into scarves or neckerchiefs in our tailoring workshops for women. Through the running of this contest we seek to inspire art in schools across the UK whilst fostering community spirit amongst children.

Participants are aware that their designs are instrumental in giving women a source of livelihood through our skill-enhancement workshops.

Kundakala Neo 2021

Our first participating school is 

“As a starting point for the competition M1- D1 students were introduced to the Kundakala organise and the wonderful work that they do for BAME women in London.  We studied the beautiful Watercolours from the late Indian artist Kunda Kirloskar and students were asked to choose a woman that inspired them (this could be their mother, aunt, grandmother, friend, relation, teacher, historical figure, celebrity or imaginary fictional character).  I asked the students to create a motif from nature that represented the person to incorporate into their neckerchiefs designs.

Through the exploration of free flowing illustrations and repetitive patterns students created their designs using a mixture of watercolour washes, wet on-wet, gradient, colour blending, laying and dry brush techniques. Overall, I was so impressed with all of the neckerchiefs designs. The artworks showed great creativity and imagination and the ability to use watercolor techniques to a very high standard.”

– Ms Joe Ross

Special Mention

“Kimora’s artwork is a combination of a water colour painting and some digital image overlays, using bold strokes and colours.

To us it seemed to express many ideas from the brooding mind of a teenager – be it establishing one’s own unique identity without having to conform to the ‘norm’, daring to face fear, or confronting the demons lurking within and without.”

Special Mention

“We were struck by the brush strokes used to paint the bird that forms a central feature of this image. We are very impressed that Reina has such confidence and talent at her young age. The colours are very pleasing to the eye and very reminiscent of the onset of Spring”

Winners 2021

“Eliza’s entry titled, ‘Spring Wind’ has an interesting composition, where your eyes are drawn not just to the bluish-grey bird perched on the branch, but also the dominating pink flowers all over. While only a minimal number of colours are used, they are quite harmonious and the mid-tones bring together the dark and light values very well, making them suitable for a neckerchief design. Overall the concept of how nature and its elements help lift our spirits has been represented very well by Eliza.”

Winners 2021

“Taha’s entry titled ‘Vined Flowers’ displays a fine knowledge of watercolours. The outline of the flowers is not defined, instead colourful ‘splodges’ (as Taha calls it) have been used to indicate their shape. The movement visible in the design reflects the sophisticated vibrancy of the natural world – muted but always breathing, always living.”