Tailoring Workshops

We use the late Kunda Kirloskar’s original art and print the designs on fabric and we print the winning entries of our Kundakala Neo contest.

Additionally, we always have a designer in residence for a year-long collaboration and have fabrics with their designs. We bring huge swathes of fabric and sewing machines to our workshops and work with local tailoring professionals in the UK and in India to conduct different levels of tailoring training to participants.

Typically we work with local welfare to work organisations and offer the training to the women they support.

Level 1 workshop

This workshop is for beginners who might have an interest in sewing but do not have the skills; or they might have learnt how to sew in the past and want to refresh their knowledge. Participants are trained on pattern cutting and on using the sewing machine. The fabric used is cotton as it is easier to stitch on.

Participants are also given quality assurance training and create retail products such as cotton scarves, neckerchiefs, pouches and table linen. These products are sold and 100% of the revenue generated is put back into delivering subsequent workshops.

Level 2 workshop

This is  workshop for participants who already have some knowledge of sewing and want to take their tailoring skills to the next level. The material we use in this training is delicate silk and we teach attendees different types of stitching on this material using sewing machines.

Participants are given quality assurance training in the workshop and create retail products such as silk scarves, pouches, and cushion covers.

The products are sold and 100% of the revenue is put back into delivering subsequent workshops.

Before I came to the workshop, I didn’t know how to stitch at all. Now I know how to use a sewing machine and have made two scarves. I will carry on practising at home.

Participant at a workshop conducted for Hopscotch Asian Women's Centre, London