Founded in the memory of the late Indian artist Kunda Kirloskar, Kundakala is both mission and a message.

Our mission is to provide women with tailoring skills through a six-month programme where they are taught to make and mend clothes on a sewing machine. Women graduate out of our programme with all the skills necessary to become professional seamstresses catering to their families and to the wider community. The programme enables them to save money, reduce debt, and start a small business if they are interested. We also provide follow-up advice and guidance that helps the women build confidence and decide on next steps that are suitable for them and their current circumstances.

In this world of fast fashion, our women are encouraged to upcycle clothes and fabric to make new interesting products. Kundakala reminds us once again that along with warmth and wisdoms, our homes also contain wellsprings of opportunity and enterprise.

Kundakala is run by one of Kunda’s daughters with the help and support of her family, friends, Kunda’s admirers, and volunteers. All income generated goes back into the organisation.

Our Make and Mend Programme

We run a ‘Make and Mend’ programme and offer employability and enterprise support for women to improve their confidence and wellbeing ,reduce the social isolation they can experience within their communities, and help them take steps to becoming financially independent. Our programmes are funded by our supporters and run in community centres in London. We also use all the income generated through the sale of Kundakala products towards the smooth running of our Make and Mend sessions.

“Thank you for the gift of Kundakala taking your mother’s dream of empowering women through arts and crafts. We will smash it…. here come the women to take charge”.



The story behind Kundakala – a  daughter honouring her mother’s vision of using art to empower women – has struck a chord amongst many other women in the UK.

We have received a lot of saree donations from daughters who want to keep their mothers’ memories alive. What better way to do this than to have the graduates of our Make and Mend programme upcycle these sarees and make them into products under the tutelage of our tailoring tutor. 

The project has commenced in January 2023 and will finish in April 2023. We can’t wait to showcase the products.

If you would like to donate sarees do get in touch.

If you are interested in upcycling and have projects or ideas you’d like to discuss we would love to hear from you!

Our Products

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