We all have a hoodie (or two or three!) that we absolutely adore and want to keep till the end of our lives. Give that hoodie a second life by turning it into a Saroodie.

Part of our upcycle programme, Kundakala graduates will “jazz” up your hoodie with one of the sarees that has been donated to us. Choose from one of the designs below in a project that is a win-win for all: good for the environment as an antidote to fast fashion; good for you as you give your hoodie a beautiful new life; and good for Kundakala graduates as they get a new source of income.

Send in your hoodie today!

  1. Choose from one of the designs above
  2. Click on the button below
  3. Fill in the form that appears fully
  4. Pay £40 for any design
  5. Drop off your hoodie at the chosen location
  6. Choose the saree colours that match your hoodie via a 30 minute video call from Kundakala graduates
  7. Collect your saroodie from your drop off location
  8. Don’t forget to model it for us!