Make And Mend Programme

We get funding to work within communities and offer women a six-month programme in a venue that is local to them. Delivered by a professional tailoring tutor and seamstress, the programme starts off by each woman being taught the basics of using a sewing machine. Through the weeks the women are then trained to make objects such as cloth bags and make up cases, culminating in them creating a pattern and sewing a garment for themselves. Along the way they also make a product range using Kunda Kirloskar’s prints, that is then sold on the Kundakala website. The women are delighted to do this as all the income generated from the sales goes towards supporting the programme for other women.

We get funding via our supporters and funders to run three 6- month Make and Mend programmes per year.

Why women love our sesions

“Before I came to the workshop, I didn’t know how to stitch at all. Now I know how to use a sewing machine and have made two scarves. “

“Kundakala is amazing it brought me back to learning again, and gave me confidence in myself”

“Kundakala is very nice and life changing for me, makes me want to do more and more, we get to meet people and helps mothers to be happy and learn skills for their future”

“The leader (tutor) is organised and has very good experience”